Over the last 20 years Keith Barry has earned his place as the World’s No. 1 TV Hypnotist. With TV shows on ITV1 in the UK, Channel 9 in Australia, The Discovery Channel in the USA, TV3 in Ireland and starting in 2017, Keith’s brand new TV show, “Hypnotise Me” will air on Fox TV in the USA. This December for the first time ever Keith, the world’s leading TV Hypnotist, Mentalist and Brain Hacker, will hold a one day Stop Smoking Now seminar at Carton House in County Kildare.
Keith Barry has helped thousands of people overcome hundreds of everyday problems over the past 20 years with his unique brain hacking and hypnosis techniques. In this one day seminar he will help you overcome your addiction to cigarettes with immediate effect. It will be informative, fun, emotional, and difficult, but with his guidance you can and will quit those cigarettes.
Keith’s message is simple. Don’t become a statistic. Stop smoking, start living today with his revolutionary approach to quitting cigarettes.
Included in the seminar will be a unique information pack on the daily routine to follow to ensure success in quitting the cigarettes. Part of this pack will also include a 30 min audio recording of Keith’s hypnotic quit smoking system, designed exclusively for those attending on the December 3rd event.